Jihad and Criminality: Inseparable Bedfellows

It’s official: Islamic jihad and generic criminality are intimately connected.   According to an earlier UK study: The lines between terrorism and criminality are becoming blurred as an increasing number of former criminals join the Islamic State… Nearly 60 percent of European jihadists studied by researchers had been jailed previously...  Once recruited by ISIS, these people easily transition to committing violence for a different cause... [T]he welcome from ISIS offers criminals a perceived chance at “redemption” without requiring a change in behavior. Even so, the establishment refuses to see any direct correlation between Islam and criminality.  As the director of the study himself explained, criminals “are the perfect fit” because the “Islamic State doesn’t require any intellectual sophistication. It doesn’t ask you to study religion. It makes it all like a computer game.”  In...(Read Full Article)
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