Impeachment and the Confrontation Clause

Beware of those who promise to secure rights by denying them. The clamoring likes of Rep. Andrew Schiff, Conservative Review's Andrew C. McCarthy, the Washington Post's Deanna Paul, Professor Steve Vladeck, and others similarly ill advised — the "Constitutional Deniers" — are intellectually and historically errant to suggest that the Constitution has no place in congressional proceedings and processes — especially impeachment proceedings.  These Constitutional Deniers use the hollow argument that impeachment is not a criminal process, therefore the Sixth Amendment does not apply.  While it is a political process, impeachment is shorn more in the cloth of a criminal process than that of a civil proceeding. The arguments to the contrary are devoid of even a modicum of intellectual credibility or historic reflection.  The very fact that "high crimes and misdemeanors" are the entry...(Read Full Article)
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