Forget ‘Michelle for President’

Our betters in the MSM, and related ruling-class mouthpieces, have set the narrative:  the lackluster, too-crazy pack of Democrat presidential candidates, even with a few token billionaires, will ultimately give way to the entry of Michelle Obama into the race.  The former First Lady, author of an apparently best-selling memoir, will inject palpable blue energy throughout the nation, return black America to a 95+% Democrat voting bloc, consolidate the Obama voting coalitions that won two presidential elections, and the evil interloper Trump will be sent packing. Don’t buy this narrative. In a country of 320+ million people, there is always a sizable segment who will not be willing or able to discern or question anything beyond what they are told by the MSM, and will follow the narrative.  That segment is actually becoming smaller every year; the reality of fake news has diluted the MSM’s influence to a far greater degree than they understand.  But...(Read Full Article)
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