Donald Trump, George HW Bush, and China

On November 22, in a long interview with Fox News, President Donald Trump claimed credit for keeping Chinese forces at bay in Hong Kong. He said that he warned President Xi Jinping that if there was a violent crackdown against the pro-democracy demonstrators, it would have a negative impact on trade talks. China is losing the "trade war" with the U.S. It is vulnerable because it needs exports to keep its factories open and imports of technology, food and capital to expand its capabilities. Critics derided Trump's claim, but the logic is unimpeachable. There is nothing in Xi's background or character that would hold him back from crushing the Hong Kong uprising that has disrupted the city for six months. Xi is a hard-liner with delusions of grandeur. His "China Dream" and the mandatory propagation of his "thought" in the manner of Mao's infamous "Little Red Book" mark him as a dictator with dangerous ambitions. His virulent...(Read Full Article)
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