Corrupt Democrats Pushing America toward the Abyss

When Lord Acton observed in the 19th century that "power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely," he was referring to absolute monarchies and dictatorships.  But he could have just as easily been referring to the modern Democrat party.  The rabid rogues who spat out this incomplete impeachment effort are corrupt to the core, all sense of sanity and restraint long gone. The roots of this outrage were planted in 2008, when Democrats achieved near absolute power with the election of President Barack Obama.  For the first two years of Obama's administration, Democrats controlled Congress, to include having enough seats in the Senate to override a filibuster.  Democrats and their supporters ultimately had control of the Executive Branch, Congress, the vast majority of the federal courts, the media, academia, the entertainment industry, the federal bureaucracy, and the babbling women of The View. They had a...(Read Full Article)
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