Can Britain Catch Up with Its Former Colonies?

London's upcoming separation from continental Europe is seen by many as a cutting of the cord from territories that are declining in cognitive ability.  In other words, Brexit is the U.K.'s recognition that brainpower will determine its economic future. Brexiteers do not shy away from nasty comparisons of the E.U. with "a rotting corpse" dragging the U.K. down. Indeed, in the global student competition in mathematics (TIMSS 2015), England placed 168 out of 1,000 children in the highest achievement group.  Scotland and Northern Ireland did better.  In Germany, there were 53 top-scoring students out of every 1,000, in Italy and France only 42 and 25, respectively.  Both were surpassed by Turkey at 47.  It is these gifted and essential minorities who will represent their nations and the West in the high-tech competition with East Asia. In the countries of this region — led by Chinese in the PRC, Taiwan,...(Read Full Article)
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