After Trump and Boris Wins: Rectification of Names

Remember back when Trump and the Russians won the 2016 US election? They won with the votes of the white working class in the Democratic Rust Belt, that used to be the industrial powerhouse of the U.S. Now Boris Johnson has won a “stonking” victory in the UK general election by winning the votes of traditional Labour working-class voters in the old northern industrial heartland. Okay, I’m fed up with this. These voters are not “working class” in the sense used for generations by lefties to promote the idea of a helpless mass of victims kept at starvation wages under the heel of evil capitalists. It is time, as all you Chinese scholars will know already, to call for a “rectification of names.” Nothing fancy about that. It just means, as even La Wik admits, “to make words correspond to reality.” These Trump and Boris voters are not working class. They are “commoners” in the sense used by Curtis Yarvin in...(Read Full Article)
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