After Trump and Boris Wins: Rectification of Names

Remember back when Trump and the Russians won the 2016 US election? They won with the votes of the white working class in the Democratic Rust Belt, that used to be the industrial powerhouse of the U.S.

Now Boris Johnson has won a “stonking” victory in the UK general election by winning the votes of traditional Labour working-class voters in the old northern industrial heartland.

Okay, I’m fed up with this. These voters are not “working class” in the sense used for generations by lefties to promote the idea of a helpless mass of victims kept at starvation wages under the heel of evil capitalists.

It is time, as all you Chinese scholars will know already, to call for a “rectification of names.” Nothing fancy about that. It just means, as even La Wik admits, “to make words correspond to reality.”

These Trump and Boris voters are not working class. They are “commoners” in the sense used by Curtis Yarvin in “The Clear Pill.” Here is Yarvin’s rectification of names.

As Orwell wrote, all societies have three human layers. We may call ours gentry, commoners, and clients. The gentry are urbanites, cultivated and ambitious; the commoners are suburbanites, educated and independent; the clients are Marx’s proletariat and lumpenproletariat, uneducated and/or dependent.

Talk about making “words correspond to reality.”

Your liberal “gentry” friends are indeed urbanites. And their ambition requires a politics in which they can have great careers and status leading the helpless “client” victims -- that are presently defined as migrants and refugees -- to social justice. The gentry sees themselves as does Jeremy Corbyn, who said:

Labour is the greatest force for progressive change this country has ever known.

(Notice the word “force.” I wonder what he meant by that?)

Your average Trump rally attendees are “commoners” that just want a job, a house, and a family.

Your “clients” are people who look to the liberal gentry to protect them and give them free stuff.

Let’s talk about tribes. The tribe of the gentry is the global administrative elite, as in “Save the Planet.” The tribe of the commoners is the nation state, as in “Make America Great Again” and “One Nation Britain.” The tribe of the clients is the labor union, the race, the ethnicity, the criminal gang.

Let’s step back a bit.

The point of Confucius’s rectification of names was “to ensure harmony.” Do you see that the whole point of leftist gentry politics the opposite, to use words as weapons, and stir up trouble? They want to upset the agreed meaning of words and give them new meanings to use as weapons in an ideological war. And the purpose of using words as weapons is to subjugate and silence the commoners of the nation, to make them afraid to open their mouths and voice an opinion lest they lose their job for the thought crime of racism, sexism, or homophobia.

Nothing will change until we fight back and insists that all Americans get to define names and meanings -- in the interest, dear lefties, of ensuring harmony.

So let’s do a bit of rectification of names used by the left in their war on commoners.

  • “Activist” -- a young gentry member and supporter of the educated ruling class that has been carefully taught how to divide and to destroy.
  • “Socialism” -- a new form of slavery.
  • “Deplorable” -- a commoner.
  • “Free” -- something that is to paid for not by me, not by thee, but by that fellow behind the tree.
  • “Racist” -- a commoner that needs to be silenced. Or better, humiliated. Or best, “canceled.”
  • “Minimum wage” -- a cunning gentry plan to prevent the young and the unskilled from getting jobs.
  • “Affordable housing” -- a cunning gentry plan to make it hard for commoners to buy houses.
  • “Labor union” -- a cunning gentry plan to destroy profitable manufacturing industries.
  • “Black Lives Matter” -- a cunning gentry plan to prevent African Americans from becoming commoners.

Like shooting fish in a barrel, isn’t it? I’d better stop right now.

Let us look at the lesson that Donny and Boris are teaching us. But don’t tell the gentry liberals! This is just between you and me, as Connie Chung said many moons ago.

The lesson the Dynamic Duo are teaching us is that ordinary American folk should think of themselves as proud Americans, and ordinary British lads and lasses should think of themselves as British and Best, and that a really good way to get their support is to appeal to them precisely on their patriotism and their loyalty to the nation state.

So, using the truth of profound sexism, we should teach “client” men to bravely defend and protect America as true sons of the Founders, as America defends them. Likewise we should teach “client” women to love and cherish America as America loves and cherishes them.

Not that hard, this rectification of names.

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