A Word to Democrats About Democratic Principles

Now that you Democrats have got back from Thanksgiving and have finished telling your #MAGA uncle he is a racist-sexist-homophobe, I would like a word before you chaps plunge into full-on impeachment in the House. The most important political experience in my life was 30 years ago when my Greek friend explained it all to me. The conversation happened about the time that the Greek colonels had decided to return Greece to democracy. What was needed, my friend said, was for the center-right to win the next election, and for the left to concede the election. Then what was needed was for the left to win the next election, and for the center-right to surrender political power and leave office. Let us call this sophisticated philosophy “alternation in office.” I think that alternation in office is the basic principle of peaceful politics. When the other guys win, you and your leaders gracefully concede, say we are all Americans, and energize your followers with...(Read Full Article)
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