Why Our Politicians Do Not 'Look like America'

To the perennially triggered political left, everything is just "too white" when it comes to men in positions of power -- or anything that involves them having a high net worth or salary. Gripes and fashionable hashtags about Hollywood so white, sports team owners so white, and Fortune 500 CEOs so white are some of the most prominent examples. But most of all, leftists really despise that the clear majority of state and federal level politicians are white.  Seeking some unattainable Utopian fantasy world, some of them believe the occupiers of such jobs should start to look "more like America" as a 2018 article from the Washington Post lamented. Extracted from a photo of the White Lives Matter Too Much May Day 2017 in New York City Photo credit: Alec Perkins Well, I've managed to solve the mystery as to why Congress remains stubbornly white in 2019, and the reasons behind it are not merely subtle. They should in fact be quite...(Read Full Article)
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