US and India Strengthen Strategic Ties

The Financial Times (F.T.) in the first quarter of 2019 stated that the world is now living in the "Asian Century."  The F.T. goes onto mark that the times have moved from a Western to an Asian model becoming the cornerstone for the remainder of the century.  The former U.S. administration realized this reality years earlier, when it made a policy decision to "Pivot to Asia." Now the current U.S. administration is continuing this pivot by wrapping up the first ever joint U.S.-India military drills, involving live-fire drills and search-and-seizure training.  The exercise, dubbed "Tiger Triumph," "brought together 500 American Marines and sailors, and about 1,200 Indian soldiers, sailors and air force personnel to train side-by-side for nine days."  At one point during the exercise and ocean drills, an Indian helicopter landed on an American naval vessel in the Bay of Bengal.  The main goal of...(Read Full Article)
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