Understanding the Islam/West Narrative

Any honest and objective appraisal of Islam’s historic jihad on the Christian world is eye-opening, to say the very least.  In the first century of its existence (between 632-732) Islam permanently conquered, Arabized, and Islamized nearly three-quarters of the post-Roman Christian world, thereby permanently severing it.  Europe came to be known as “the West” because it was literally the remaining and westernmost appendage of Christendom not to be swallowed up by Islam.  For roughly a millennium thereafter, Arabs, Berbers, Turks, and Tatars -- all of whom called and saw themselves as Muslims -- launched raid after raid, all justified and lauded as jihads, into virtually every corner of Europe.  They reached as far as Iceland and provoked the U.S. into its first war as a nation.  The devastation was indescribable; some regions in Europe, particularly in Spain and the Balkans, remain inhabitable due to the incessant raiding; some 15 million...(Read Full Article)
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