Two Parties, Many Paths

How America’s Political Parties Change (And How They Don’t), by Michael Barone, Encounter Books, 2019, 130 pages Before American media began to worship at the feet of the statistics gurus (Nate Silver and others), Michael Barone was generally regarded as  the writer with the  greatest  insight into American politics, past and present. Barone’s  biennial “Almanac of American Politics”, a thick collection of essays and voting histories on the 50 states, and every Congressional district, provided the best short survey on how American politics was changing at the regional,  state and Congressional district level, with analyses of the current officeholders – Governors, Senators, Congressmen, and descriptions of the places they represented.  If you met Barone, as I have a few times, he could startle you by describing politics at a granular level – even down to towns or neighborhoods.  But the failure of...(Read Full Article)
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