Trump Coup Pushes for Release of Grand Jury Testimony

Geoff Shepard is a former Nixon defense team member and, for 20 years and more, the most learned and erudite source of information on the Nixon coup.  He has shown with impeccable research that a cabal of Massachusetts-based lawyers and D.C.-based judges joined to actuate a coup against Nixon and how they managed it.  Today, for our benefit, Shepard shows that we are dealing with another attempt at a coup to effect a reversal of the presidential election in 2016.  His essay that was published on November 23, 2019, on Fox News online, describes an eerie Watergate repeat — the effort of an organized coup to get grand jury testimony, which is supposed to be sealed, released to the congressional committee opponents of a sitting president, the target of the coup. Mr. Shepard describes this latest trick by the Trump coup perps as a plan by the despicable Mueller team hit man  Andrew Weissmann as "trying a new trick" that...(Read Full Article)
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