Trump and Netanyahu: Two Embattled Leaders

One of the TV networks recently interviewed an “Israeli man on the street.”  This supposed citizen, whose English was too good to make him an “average” Israeli, said that the indictment against sitting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was “politically motivated.”  The smiling announcer then came back on camera and noted the “similarities” between the Netanyahu indictment and the soon-to-be-completed Trump impeachment in the United States House of Representatives.  The camera panned to a 50-foot high poster in Israel showing Netanyahu shaking hands with Trump.  I remember seeing those posters when I was last in Israel and thought about the differences between the message conveyed by the Netanyahu/Trump duo versus the austere close-up view of Benny Gantz, the standard-bearer for the Blue & White Party.  I thought to myself that, “Israelis are not going to like this.”  No matter how good...(Read Full Article)
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