Trump: An Unconventional Fighting President

"Unconventional" describes Trump from the beginning. Trump is a real estate tycoon with TV celebrity status but no official political experience in running for or serving in local or state government. With his celebrity status, charismatic personality, demeanor, organizational skill, oratorical skill, and personal wealth he miraculously managed to win an election and became president of the United States against all odds. He fought the Republican establishment and won, fought the Democratic establishment and won, and now is in a battle with the establishment media and Deep State and hopes to win again in 2020. Since almost his first day in office as president, the media along with the Democrats have tried to remove him from office. He has fought back for three years and overcame accusations of alleged collusion with Russia. Some of his associates like Paul Manafort wound up in jail for illegal behavior having nothing to do with Trump...(Read Full Article)
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