The Ukrainian Boogie-Woogie and Going on Offense

George Parry, former DOJ/FBI and state prosecutor/attorney, is a well-regarded blogger, and writer at many newspapers, but also American Spectator and The Federalist.  He hit one out of the park recently with an article that starts with a description of routine FBI agent placements at American Embassies as “Legats” (Legal Attaches) to coordinate local law enforcement agencies on matters of criminality and political corruption.  FBI guys in American Embassy law enforcement activities -- bet you didn’t know that. Parry says the conversation between Presidents Trump of USA and Zelensky of Ukraine are like the lower level conversations between FBI and Foreign law enforcement officials on matters of mutual interest -- coordination on corruption investigations and criminal activities as a part of foreign affairs. This makes sense, doesn’t it? So, if the perp is a candidate for office in the US or the problem is created by that candidate’s son,...(Read Full Article)
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