The Red Scare and Whistleblowers

The real danger to our present republic is the ascendant interpretive hypocrisy of our American elite.  One of the enduring mythologies of elite revisionism of American history is the dangerous figure of Joseph McCarthy.  In the popular telling, congressman Joe McCarthy unleashed terror on all Americans for making overly broad generalizations about the threat of Russian communism in America -- a Red Scare.  Students are taught to demonize McCarthy’s overwrought concerns of communist spies in our nation.  Today our interpretive elite are giddy to compel us to believe the Russian delusion of the 21st century.  The President is a Russian stooge and a threat to our nation.  The President is an authoritarian nightmare abusing his executive authority to punish whistleblowers seeking to stop his corrupt dealings in foreign affairs such as Ukraine.  Our interpretive elite tell us that the hearings directed by a modern-day McCarthy -- Adam Schiff...(Read Full Article)
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