The Inevitable Impeachment

The Democrats and members of the deep state say that they do not want to impeach the President. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is praying for him. But blinded by their rage, they will do it in spite of the damage that their actions have done and are doing to our country. Sometime soon, House Democrats will impeach Donald J. Trump, the man elected by the people, to be our President and to lead our country. That is a sad realization for those Americans who love the United States of America and who appreciate what President Trump has accomplished in spite of ceaseless and continuous Democrat obstructions raised to oppose all his efforts to fulfill his promises to the people of America.  (Just think what Americans might have been able to accomplish in the last three years if Democrats had cooperated with President Trump rather than oppose him at every turn.) In the beginning, those who believe firmly that it is they who have the position, the intelligence, and the right to govern...(Read Full Article)
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