The Inevitable Impeachment

The Democrats and members of the deep state say that they do not want to impeach the President. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is praying for him. But blinded by their rage, they will do it in spite of the damage that their actions have done and are doing to our country.

Sometime soon, House Democrats will impeach Donald J. Trump, the man elected by the people, to be our President and to lead our country.

That is a sad realization for those Americans who love the United States of America and who appreciate what President Trump has accomplished in spite of ceaseless and continuous Democrat obstructions raised to oppose all his efforts to fulfill his promises to the people of America.  (Just think what Americans might have been able to accomplish in the last three years if Democrats had cooperated with President Trump rather than oppose him at every turn.)

In the beginning, those who believe firmly that it is they who have the position, the intelligence, and the right to govern America as they please, i.e. , the professional political class and the members of the unelected bureaucracy, must have snickered and smirked at the thought of Trump’s absurd announcement.  Trump for President.  What a joke that was!  What a ridiculous candidate!

However, the snickers and smirks soon gave way to grave concern.  This man could be a problem.  He was not beguilingly schmoozing the electorate with the typical politician’s platitudes.  In fact, he had a different message, and he was talking to a different group of people.  He was not talking to the “elite” in order to give them the usual assurances that they should relax because he just wanted to be elected and that he did not intend to change anything.  Also, he was talking to the people rather than to the elite ruling class.

Even worse, he was telling the people that he did indeed intend to do things differently.  He wanted to make changes in our economic and political system so that the people could have a better life.  He even said that he wanted to make “America great again.”  (The ruling class must have shuddered at such a frightening thought.  This America was the one that they had created, and they were sure that they knew what was right for us, the deplorables.  They did not want any changes.  They wanted to keep the swamp just the way it was.)

To the surprise of the politicians and bureaucrats resting in cushy positions for life, Donald Trump triumphed over a large number of other candidates to become the Republican candidate for President.  What an unexpected turn of events! 

Then, the campaign began.  He wanted to lower taxes.  He wanted to increase the budget for the military.  He wanted to control the border.  He wanted to bring manufacturing from overseas back to America.  He did not trust the media.  He declared that he would drain the swamp in Washington. 

This man had to be stopped!  The members of the deep state made plans, “insurance plans” they called them, with which to tar Donald J. Trump.

Then, in November of 2016, came the shock.  Trump won the Presidency.  They could not believe that such an upset was possible.  Hillary’s coronation was already assumed.  The victory party was planned and prepared.  Those in the know were sure, but the people decided otherwise.  The pundits were stunned.  Tears flowed.  They could not contain their grief.  How could the voters have committed this terrible deed, one that was so opposed to their wishes?

Alarm bells began to sound.  The call for resistance rang out across the swamp, through all the bureaucrat offices, and among the lifetime politicians.  President Trump must be removed from office.  This mistake by those who voted for him must be overturned!

And so it began.  The DNC paid for a British foreign agent to dig up dirt on candidate Trump.  The result was the Steele dossier used by the FBI to obtain FISA warrants to spy on American citizens.  They claimed that candidate Trump colluded with the Russians to undermine the American election.  They charged him over and over again with obstruction of justice.  Through a series of subterfuges, including the assistance of FBI director James Comey, they appointed Robert Mueller, a friend of Comey's, as special counsel to investigate Russia collusion. Mueller appointed twelve liberal lawyers, who supported Hillary Clinton, to investigate. Over two years and approximately thirty million dollars of taxpayer money later, Mueller concluded that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. 

One of the next plans was to use the 25th Amendment to the Constitution as a justification for declaring President Trump unfit to continue as President. 

Another ploy was to wear a microphone to collect examples of President Trump’s erratic behavior. 

Finally, they initiated the impeachment inquiry in response to the complaint of a so-called “whistleblower” who claimed on the basis of what he had others say that President Trump had attempted to bribe Ukrainian officials to give him information on a potential political opponent.  At first, the charge was a “quid pro quo”, which became “extortion, which was later changed to “bribery”, and which finally returned to “quid pro quo”.

In the movie The Ten Commandants, the Pharaoh says, “So let it be written; so let it be done,” and it was.  He was the most powerful man in the country.

However, as readers may remember, later the Israelites crossed the sea safely on dry land while it was the Pharaoh who succumbed to the powerful waves that inundated him.

Democrats now own the unintended consequences which they have unleashed.  They deserve what they have brought on themselves by their actions over the last three years.

We need not despair. 

Let us resolve to create a wave of support for President Trump next November in order to send the deep state, the media, and the swamp the message that in America, according to our belief and to the Constitution, final authority for our government resides in the governed, not those who govern.

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