The Election is Trump’s to Lose

Election season is underway, with less than a year until the mother of all elections in November 2020. Will Americans vote to keep America great or toss 250 years of liberty and prosperity to the wind in favor of socialism? Is President Donald Trump headed to a second term or will the deep state establishment thwart his reelection at any cost? I contend that the 2020 election is Trump’s to lose. Despite the media’s endless claim that “the walls are closing in” on the President, with every bit of news being a “bombshell” and that impeachment is a foregone conclusion, a more objective look at the electoral landscape demonstrates that this is liberal projection. The media and their Democrat party minions project their fantasies on Trump, when in reality the walls are closing in on them. Start with the polls. Rasmussen, the most accurate pollster predicting the 2016 election, tracks likely voters in their Daily Presidential Tracking Poll. These...(Read Full Article)
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