The Democrats’ Nomination is Hillary's to Lose

Be afraid, be very afraid.  Barring some serious event in her life, Hillary Clinton likely will be nominated for President of the United States by the Democrat party in mid-July next year. “Ridiculous,” you say.  “Why, even Bill Maher and Doug Schoen are against her,” you continue. That is true, but it means nothing.  As do all of the other disparaging stories in the MSM about her public appearances and the possibility of her entry into the race.. Before anyone sweeps the notion her becoming President under the rug, it is important to understand, in the first instance, that, of the current crop of contenders, only Elizabeth Warren has a chance of exiting the Democratic Convention in Miami next July 16th with the nomination in hand. Let's take a cursory look at the field now before we go into Hillary's entrance and eventual dominance of the race for the nomination.  You may disagree with my opinions, but making the case...(Read Full Article)
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