Snowflakes: An Educational Problem

In January 2018 the Oxford English Dictionary added to its normal definition of what has traditionally been a flake of snow, a feathery ice crystal. Now the OED snowflake is an overly sensitive or easily offended person or persons who believe they are entitled to special treatment on account of their supposedly unique characteristics. Life for them comes, or should come, with trigger warnings and safe spaces. Trigger warnings are needed to alert people that a text or image may be disturbing or upsetting. These were proposed at Cambridge University concerning Shakespeare, because of the sexual violence in some of his plays. Those safe places must be established so students can get together without being exposed to ideas and language that makes them feel uncomfortable.  The term “snowflake” has become more used and popular since the 1996 film Fight Club, staring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. The author of the scenario claims he coined the word,...(Read Full Article)
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