SJW Zombies Turning Against Their Creators

In 1969, I was drafted into the Army and stationed at Ft Bragg, North Carolina. I remember a discussion in our room in the barracks in which white draftees Perkins and Carter ranted about America. “This f***ing country is so f***ed up. I would never bring a child into this f***ing country!” I was the black guy from the Baltimore projects amid our trio of hippies. While I knew America had problems, I did not hate or view my country as evil. What were these guys from upper-middle-class families so angry about? Little did I know that the likes of Perkins and Carter would infiltrate government, Hollywood, and academia, creating a generation poisoned against their country. Baby-boomer hippies have created an army of SJW (social-justice-warrior) zombies infected with hatred for America more extreme than they anticipated. Like movies in which a mad scientist loses control of his monster, old hippies have lost control of their SJW monsters. SJW zombies...(Read Full Article)
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