Rocket Attacks and Snow Days

When I was a kid growing up on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, snow days were special events that we waited for all winter long.  As kids, we would rejoice, while our parents would be stuck at home worrying about not being able to get to work for a day or two.  Over the past month, rocket and missile attacks from the Gaza Strip have resumed, with over 250 rocket attacks on the State of Israel by Islamic Jihad, an Islamic Palestinian terror organization funded and directed by Iran. For most Israelis, there was a recent two-day period with nothing more than snow day–type festivals, with children and parents being confined to their homes or the homes of their neighbors and enjoying a break from their school and work routines.  Not long ago, I heard on the 8 o'clock news show that the most horrendous reaction that they could report on was that in the whole City of Tel Aviv, you couldn't find a good falafel stand open in the evening due to...(Read Full Article)
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