Revolution as a Mental Disease

People are gradually getting used to living in an inverted world.  For the first time in our history, the upcoming elections are not about a better standard of living or more freedom.  They are about secular pietism, a collective devotion to an apparently noble cause, which leads to less affluence and freedom. Illegal immigration has a negative impact on the labor market, especially low-income Americans, by keeping wages down.  Nevertheless, half of our fellow citizens believe that any action taken against illegals is tantamount to sending them to concentration camps.  Medicare for all would lead to long waiting times, with the problem being compound by the coverage provided to an undetermined number of illegals.  In a country where 85% of people have access to quality health care, this would represent a major downgrade.  Socialism is another major electoral theme, and rejecting it in an affluent society would normally be...(Read Full Article)
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