Revolution as a Mental Disease

People are gradually getting used to living in an inverted world.  For the first time in our history, the upcoming elections are not about a better standard of living or more freedom.  They are about secular pietism, a collective devotion to an apparently noble cause, which leads to less affluence and freedom.

Illegal immigration has a negative impact on the labor market, especially low-income Americans, by keeping wages down.  Nevertheless, half of our fellow citizens believe that any action taken against illegals is tantamount to sending them to concentration camps.  Medicare for all would lead to long waiting times, with the problem being compound by the coverage provided to an undetermined number of illegals.  In a country where 85% of people have access to quality health care, this would represent a major downgrade.  Socialism is another major electoral theme, and rejecting it in an affluent society would normally be a matter of common sense.  However, part of the secular pietist mission is to fight inequality, even if that leads to worse living conditions for the majority, provided that the object of their envy is also harmed.

Young people are attracted to socialism not because of poverty or some knowledge derived from the Marxist theory, but simply because they see it as an antithesis to the existing system.  Finally, the esoteric doctrine of climate change", based on completely unquantifiable assertions, provides the political tool required to take over the key energy sector that enables control of the entire economy.

With common sense gone out the window, we have started our journey down the rabbit hole.  In the absence of transcendence, the only morality that matters originates from the people holding power.  They determine what is good or evil, and ultimately, by controlling people's minds, they control reality.  In the virtual reality of psychological warfare and propaganda, nothing is self-evident.  Living in a parallel, ideological reality is a form of mental disease.  In this inverted world, socialism is good, and "hate" is associated with any diverging opinions.  The historical core of our civilization is gradually being replaced by an ideological narrative. 

An important strategy in building an alternate reality is myth creation, which is done by taking a statistically insignificant event out of context and presenting it as a significant trend that confirms an ideological assertion.  By the time more details emerge that contradict the initial narrative, the emotional impact has been powerful enough to influence the worldview of globalist subjects.  Myth creation is done mostly by the media and the education system, which are controlled by a small number of powerful people.  The classical Marxist theory of economic subjugation is expanded to include culture as a tool of oppression, so a cultural war against the established order should be part of the permanent revolution.  The most important assertion of a totalitarian ideology is that ideas govern and transform the world, and the theories based on those ideas supersede natural rights.

In the recent hit movie Joker, the media, in characterizing a spate of murders, describes them as a revolt against the rich.  A myth has been born that reflects the social justice narrative as part of a revolutionary pattern — the menacing clown (the movie's protagonist, soon to become the villainous Joker) against the financial establishment.  The myth spreads like wildfire and is at first adopted by people on the fringes of society: the irrational, the immoral, the outcasts, and the criminal.  Eventually, the revolutionary spirit contaminates just about everybody who is fed up with the existing system and hierarchy and wants something different.  At this stage, it becomes completely irrelevant whether the social system is good or not.  Violence and chaos engulf the city.  This is the type of environment where the narcissistic spoiled brats otherwise known as snowflakes could become anarchists and demented Maoist guards.

In a democratic society, the government and the ruling class have naturally divergent interests.  While the government is supposed to represent the people, the most important objective of the ruling class is to acquire absolute power by bringing the government under its control.  In modern America this process is part of a top-to-bottom revolution designed to increase the power of the rulers and restrict the political and economic rights of the middle class.  The Constitution can fulfill its role only as long as there are enough people willing to defend it.  We are headed toward a new type of tyranny: the despotism of an oligarchic bureaucracy.  At the top of the pyramid, there is a self-proclaimed elite made of billionaires, CEOs, and the upper echelon of intelligence services.  They control the media and the financial system and pull the strings of the ventriloquist dummies in Congress.  They see themselves as divine rulers, with their power being independent of the people they pretend to represent.  Electoral promises of a better life have been replaced by the self-righteous adoption of a "sustainable" way required to save the planet.  The American dream has turned into Soviet-style collective sacrifice.  There is no freedom without responsibility; the young generation rejects freedom because its members want their responsibility turned over to the state.

Like socialism and fascism before it, the globalist project will end in failure.  The permanent ideological pressure will lead to fragmentation and then disintegration.  No civilization can survive without a transcendent, spiritual core.  The simple fact is that the elite, like the wizard of Oz, are just charlatans randomly pulling the levers of command and triggering useless wars and economic collapse.  Unless they are separated from their power, they will only hasten the demise of our civilization.

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