Revolt of the Ukraine Desk Bureaucrats

To date the Schiff hearings -- unfairly run as they are -- show nothing less than a revolt by the Ukraine Desk Bureaucrats in which they concede they are poorly armed with any facts sufficient to overthrow the president, whose only crime was to change the direction of our Ukraine policy in which they’d played a significant role. History of Democratic Party’s Treatment of Ukraine While the hearings might have led some to believe that U.S. policy respecting Ukraine has been consistently supportive, the facts are otherwise, and the President’s effort to change that has the bureaucrats' dander up. Mickey Kaus details how then-ambassador Victoria Nuland supported the revolt against elected president Viktor Yanukovych “who was replaced in a parliamentary vote that was nevertheless short of what was required under the Ukraine constitution to impeach him.”  He finds parallels in the Ukraine desk bureaucrats’ actions there and...(Read Full Article)
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