Remembering the Genocide of the Roma

The details of the Holocaust against Jews are well documented, but the Nazi treatment of the Roma is much less familiar. At the Nuremberg trials treatment of the Roma was not specifically prosecuted. Nor are there precise statistics about the number of Roma killed, estimates vary between 250,000 and 500,000, but proportionately they suffered greater losses than any other group except Jews.  The Wiener Holocaust Library in London holds the oldest Holocaust archive in Britain concerning the Nazi era.  The library is performing a valuable service by holding its current exhibition, titled “Forgotten Victims: The Nazi genocide of the Roma and Sinti.” Though the treatment by the Nazis of the Roma was not as systematic as that against the Jews, and started later, it was a genocide, taking similar forms as the Holocaust.  Indeed, one poignant reminder of this is the photo displayed of a handsome Roma woman with the Auschwitz tattoo number on her...(Read Full Article)
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