President Trump Never Impounded Even One Dollar from Ukraine Aid

Volodymyr Zelensky was wiping his face from the crumbs of a 125-million-dollar meal, fed to him by the Pentagon between March and July of 2019, when he spoke to President Trump on July 25. The president needs better legal counsel, as do the American people.  The current impeachment illusion is based on a pandemic mirage.  The nation has been hypnotized to believe that $391.5 million for Ukraine was held back, frozen, slow-walked, canceled, or subject to a nefarious threat by Trump.  Wake up, America.  Every penny of Ukraine monetary aid, the alleged carrot dangled before Zelensky, was spent on time, according to law, before, during, and after the July 25 call.   The Department of Defense certified Ukraine reforms in a May 23, 2019 letter from John C. Rood to Congress, but this certification was only necessary to release the second $125-million tranche.  Read the letter.  The tables therein refer to that $125...(Read Full Article)
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