Our 'Man in the High Castle'

Hawthorne Abendsen is a subversive filmmaker and title character in the critically acclaimed television series The Man in the High Castle, the dark vision of an America occupied by Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan following the victory of the Axis powers in World War II, based on a novel by Phillip K. Dick. Finding Abendsen and every copy of his work is the obsession of the American Reich because his films document a dangerous alternate reality: a parallel universe in which the Allies win the war and domestic life unfolds as we’ve known it, with all the competing passions of representative democracy and pleasures of individual liberty -- ideals that fascist governments suppress and supplant with forced conformity of thought and a profane moral order. The series has been wildly successful. One reason, no doubt, is morbid curiosity. The chilling specter of living under the yoke of a totalitarian regime that strips away all personal, political and religious freedoms for...(Read Full Article)
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