#NoNutNovember: How Online Pornography is Hurting Men

What is #NoNutNovember? This is not a new concept by any means, and seems to have originally started in the mid-2000s among the internet crowd who brought us into the “meme culture.”  What “No Nut November” refers to is a challenge to men to not masturbate for an entire month.  Why does it matter if men decide to stop having that private time with themselves? Simply put, in a society where everything men participate in is deemed “evil,” “oppressive,” and “misogynistic,” it is important to shed some light on very real issues men actually face. There have been a prevalence of articles telling us all why this November challenge is a “bad thing,” a way to cause “violence and misogyny” on women, as this article suggests. There’s nothing like feminism, rearing its ugly head, to suggest that a challenge for men is somehow really about women and oppression.  In our ever-growing dystopian...(Read Full Article)
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