Media Hypes Fusion GPS Founders as Victims

It’s a little like the proverbial child killing its parents and throwing itself on the mercy of the court because he's now an orphan, but, with the wheels of Barr-Durham-Horowitz justice inexorably turning on them, there are Fusion GPS founders, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, on a media book tour claiming they are the victims of right-wing vengeance for their role in orchestrating a criminal fraud upon the FISA court and a coup against a sitting president of the United States. Holy Michael Avenatti! The coup leaders were the subject of discussion on Fox’s “The Ingraham Angle” recently along with a well-deserved rebuke from one of the true victims of their perfidy, California congressman and House Intelligence Committee ranking member, Devin Nunes.  As Fox News reports: MSNBC lobbed softball questions at Fusion GPS founders, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, in recent days and allowed their political bias to overshadow the facts, said...(Read Full Article)
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