Leaving China Behind

It’s no secret that tensions are escalating between China and the United States. The tensions have escalated into a trade war that has several companies worried about how the new tariffs will affect the supply chain with China. However, looking at the issue from a different perspective, this trade war could be a blessing in disguise. Being too reliant on China as a supplier can actually make American companies (and U.S. citizens) vulnerable to cyber operations by state-affiliated actors.  Background Take a look at the items in your home and you’re likely to find a label on many that says it was made in China. Even if the product wasn’t built in China directly, many of the parts that went into producing it likely were. China has established itself as an essential supplier for several tech companies. Research shows that twice as many companies surveyed by the FM Global Supply Chain Risk Study (86% vs. 43%) relied more on China as a crucial part of their...(Read Full Article)
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