In Favor of Nationalism

Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, a magazine that pointedly distanced itself from Donald Trump in the 2016 election, has written a new book that cogently and compellingly defends nationalism, Trump’s signature issue. In The Case for Nationalism: How it Made Us Powerful, United, and Free, Lowry argues for a revival of nationalism based on liberal values and a shared cultural heritage. National Review’s famous “Against Trump” issue appeared in December 2015, at a time when Trump’s political views were not well known and concern was warranted. However, Lowry’s assessment of Trump has changed as he has seen how the President has governed. “I’ve been surprised,” Lowry told Vox recently, “how on some really important matters… he’s been a rock, like on pro-life stuff, on conscience rights, on judges. That was one of the deep concerns we had about him but he’s basically delivered.” Most...(Read Full Article)
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