Impeachment Democrats Really Don’t Understand What They Are Doing

After reading about the shabby effort to advance the impeachment of President Trump over the last two weeks I think it is time for a civics lesson. Maybe that is necessary because they don’t teach civics in the schools and universities anymore. They teach social justice. And kids today need to advertise their social justice activism if they want to get into the Tiger Moms’ favorite universities. Let us have a quick refresher on civics. Our Founders lived in a time that worried about kings and religion. As rich commoners they wanted to curb the power of kings and nobles, and they knew from the experience of the Reformation and the Thirty Years War that religion and politics were a lethal combination. The Founders thought that if you wanted to avoid kings overdoing their appetite for loot and plunder and religious fanatics overdoing their appetite for moral rectification you needed to separate the powers of the world. Their idea was to start with separating...(Read Full Article)
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