How Trump's Birther Inquiry Incited Obama's Revenge

A five-year tour with the U.S. Border Patrol brought me into contact with the various departments within the patrol.  One was Border Patrol Intelligence, those Border Patrol agents who worked on the other side of the Mexican border to root out, with the help of the Mexican authorities, those organizations that facilitate the movement of foreign nationals heading to the U.S. as well as discover those black-market facilities that produced what Border Patrol agents called "bogus documents."  The real challenge for illegal aliens was to not only circumvent U.S. immigration law, but acquire a perfect facsimile of a "government-produced" identity card — one that looks great on the outside but is actually a bogus document. Three years after leaving the Border Patrol and becoming a U.S. Air Force civilian, I was dispatched to Newport, Rhode Island as a student at the Naval War College.  One of my "electives" had a specific...(Read Full Article)
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