Green Energy Studies: Consulting, or Advertising?

Wind and solar aren’t remotely competitive with traditional fossil fuels and cannot replace them. They would scarcely exist if it weren’t for massive federal subsidies, and state laws establishing quotas for renewable energy. Neither are good at reducing carbon dioxide emissions (CO2).  I wrote a book about wind and solar called Dumb Energy and found them to be mainly political creations. They are a complete waste of money kept alive by political action. Most of the things you have heard from the wind and solar propaganda machine is wrong.  But they have their champions. Deloitte is one of the Big Four accounting and consulting firms with about 300,000 employees. Lazard is a much smaller firm with about 3,000 employees. Both of these firms cultivate a reputation for advising clients on complex subjects. That includes consulting in the field of renewable energy – often wind or...(Read Full Article)
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