GOP 'Spartacus' Needed to Out Whistleblower

It’s time for the charade to end and for a GOP congressman to end it. We all know who he is and we all know House Impeachment -- er -- Intelligence Committee Adam “Shifty” Schiff knows who he is. He and or his staff met with him long before the ICIG received any complaint, likely colluding with him and coaching him as they tinkered together his error-filled complaint. Yet, despite courageous and ferocious cross-examination by GOP representatives of Schiff’s parade of hearsay witnesses, one name goes unspoken, with Schiff successfully intimidating the GOP based on another Schiff lie – that his individual is a true whistleblower whose identity is protected by law.  His name, as I and others have written on these pages, is Eric Ciaramella. He is the accuser that President Trump has been denied his due process right to confront.  He is intimately connected with another deep state agent, DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa, a key fact witness deeply...(Read Full Article)
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