Five Reasons to be Thankful for School Choice

Education is such a fundamental element of American life, we often take it for granted. Yet the fundamental nature of education is precisely what makes it the political policy every citizen should care about. Whether you have children or not, education policy affects you. Children spend 12 of the most formative years of their lives -- typically seven hours a day, 180 days per year -- in school. That’s a minimum of 1,260 hours per year, or 15,120 total hours from the first grade through the 12th grade. During those thousands of hours, the minds of American youth are being influenced, for better or worse. (And with roughly 90 percent of kids attending government schools, it’s usually “for worse.”) Even if you are not the parent of a child in the U.S. school system, the old cliché holds true: These students are “tomorrow’s leaders.” The children being educated (or indoctrinated) in today’s schools will be the lawmakers,...(Read Full Article)
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