Female Offenders: Perpetrators, Predators, and Pedophiles

Warning: This article contains extremely graphic sexual content that may not be appropriate for all readers. In the United States, women constitute a small fraction of total crime offenders, approximately 5% of burglary suspects to about 30% of fraud and forgery offenders.  So what?  Women commit crimes, too, but that isn't newsworthy, is it?  After all, not nearly as often as men... There are unexplored caverns of depravity where the scales become more balanced and women find themselves successful criminals: sex crimes and human-trafficking.  Despite this, researchers barely study this phenomenon, therefore media and society still portray women as the victims and men as the perpetrators, virtually always. Perpetrators — Human-Trafficking Female criminals are disproportionately outnumbered by male criminals except in cases of human-trafficking, when the perpetrators' genders become pretty equal.  In regions...(Read Full Article)
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