Elizabeth Warren's Rabbit Hole

Grace Slick was right.  Some pills make you taller.  Elizabeth Ann (Herring) Warren has now moved ahead of the pack in the latest polling in Iowa for the Democrats.  Senator Warren wants to launch the Green Apollo Program, Green Industrial Mobilization and the Green Marshall Plan.  She recognizes that we are in debt to the tune of $22+ trillion, but let’s dig deeper to save the planet from global warming. Dr. Patrick Michaels, a world renowned climatologist, has studied the data and has concluded that during the 20th century, global temperatures rose 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit.  Can one say conclusively that carbon dioxide is warming the globe to the point as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez suggests, that our planet will not exist in less than 12 years? It is very reassuring that candidate Warren is so transfixed on the “settled science” of global warming that she owns a small interest in a natural gas well in her birth state of Oklahoma for...(Read Full Article)
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