Democrats Ponder Impeachment Pivot

The Democrats have twisted themselves into a Schiffian Knot, a modern-day unsolvable puzzle. When they plunged forward on their ill-fated impeachment voyage, they were destined to land on this surreal shore, even if their parade of bureaucratic interagency cheerleaders was even weaker than presumed. So they are in the bad place that can't be washed away with a few margaritas. They desperately want to impeach President Donald Trump, but they don't want to send this partisan presumption pile over to the Senate, where they can no longer control the list of witnesses, where hearsay will be inadmissible, and where narrative control swings to the Republicans. But if they don't impeach, their pitchfork-wielding base's fury will reach apocalyptic levels.  Nancy Pelosi, like the apostle Peter near the end of his life, was led by others to where she did not want to go.  She must be furious with her caustic clown caucus that maneuvered her into such...(Read Full Article)
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