Democrats Must Really Hate Women

Have you noticed that the #MeToo movement is dead to Democrats these days? Democrat representative Katie Hill had an affair with a staffer, a violation of the core concept of #MeToo that bosses can't have sexual relations with subordinates, and Democrats are bemoaning the fact that she had to resign. How can that be? That's because they never really believed in #MeToo, and they never cared about women.  Democrat support for #MeToo was nothing more than a ploy to attack Trump and other Republicans. Trump is infamous for his philandering, though it seems to have ended about a decade ago, so the Democrats thought the #MeToo movement would be a good weapon to attack him with.  They decided to sacrifice a pawn, Harvey Weinstein, a fading Hollywood mogul whose days of power were slipping into the past, to create a movement they thought could be used against Trump. The problem is that unlike with Weinstein, there's no credible evidence that...(Read Full Article)
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