Democrats are Serving Word Salad as their Main Course

Recently Bret Baier commented that some of Joe Biden's answers at the last Democrat debate were "word salad." Sleepy Joe's malapropisms have been well known for some time, and probably suggest on-going mental difficulty. None of us would readily suggest that his slips represent a more serious problem, such as schizophrenia, which is known for word salad. But that brings to mind a key element of schizophrenia, and for that matter, many psychoses. We know someone is psychotic when they have a serious defect in reality testing. And while we do not expect careful scientific accuracy from politicians, who are, after all, non-player characters, their failure to demonstrate any connection between their verbal assaults and verifiable fact is telling. At the Democrat freak-out – oops, debate – we heard from Kamala Harris that President Trump "committed crimes in plain sight." This recitation borrowed from Adam Full-of Schiff is telling. He kept...(Read Full Article)
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