David French vs. the Police

An alarm must have recently rung on the cell phone of David French, reminding him that he had yet to pen his monthly anti-police article for National Review.  He duly set to work, Scotch-Taping together another mess of “examples” of supposed trigger-happy police mowing down swathes of innocents in their toxically masculine wake.  He claims that with the recent shooting of Willie McCoy, the trend of unjustified police shootings "truly became obvious."  Truly?  There are roughly 800,000 police officers currently employed in the United States.  French gives us a whopping six cases exposing this alleged trend.  Let’s review the six he gave us. Botham Jean Amber Guyger was just convicted of shooting Botham Jean after mistakenly entering his apartment thinking it her own (after a 13 ½ hour shift).  French's wording suggests that "Dallas officer Amber...(Read Full Article)
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