Correcting Voters' Mistakes

Californians must no longer have recourse to the recall election. If Golden Staters still have the recall, surely they’d be using it to oust their useless mayors who have allowed their once-beautiful cities to degenerate into filth and ruin. They’d also be mounting a recall of their new governor, Gavin Newsom. Back in 2003, before the mass exodus to Texas, there were still enough decent Californians remaining to recall and oust Gov. Gray Davis. Davis’s replacement, Arnold Schwarzenegger, might have become a terrific governor had he been paired with a decent legislature. But the Governator didn’t have a decent legislature; it was populated with progressives. New Yorkers don’t have recourse to the recall, which is a pity, as it seems that most New York City residents think Mayor de Blasio is the worst mayor ever. So they must put up with him until the next election. New York’s governor is also a piece of work. Perhaps New Yorkers should consider...(Read Full Article)
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