Bloomberg: The Billionaire Nothingburger

Michael Bloomberg, who served as mayor of New York City, has announced that he is a candidate for the Leftocratic Party's nomination to run for president in 2020.  In his announcement, he said President Donald Trump is an "existential threat" to our country.  This hyperbole is his way of reaching out to the extreme, panicked, deranged, and enraged Leftocrats who literally believe that everything worthwhile about America is being assaulted by our president.  Additionally, he noted that health care costs need to be addressed, that we live in an economy that is "tilted against most Americans," that we have a "cruel and dysfunctional" immigration system, education, climate change, and Washington gridlock.  These glittering generalities regarding areas for improvement represent his attempt to play on the public's fears without being too specific.  The question of immigration has been boggling our...(Read Full Article)
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