A ‘Wealth Tax’ is a Morally Evil Policy Proposition

The late Dr. Charles Krauthammer wrote in 2002 that to “understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid.  Liberals think conservatives are evil.”  But many of today’s leftis’ policy propositions are not only practically stupid, but morally evil. Consider that Bill Gates has come under fire for appearing skeptical of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s new “wealth tax.”  For example, Anand Giridharadas, editor at large of TIME magazine, recently tweeted: Astonishing. @BillGates, the great philanthropist of our age, is so attached to his own wealth that he refuses to rule out voting to re-elect a white nationalist demagogue over Elizabeth Warren. It should be noted that Giridharadas is making a moral argument here, not a practical one.  By not supporting Elizabeth Warren’s policy proposal to confiscate an arbitrary percentage of...(Read Full Article)
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