A Tale of Two Inaugurations

Bookending the anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian nightmare of President Obama’s two terms in office, we attended  the second inauguration celebration of President George W. Bush,  and the first of President Donald J Trump.  Their stark differences highlight and reflect the social and cultural deteriorations of our society under the eight agonizing years of Obama’s “transformative” presidency.  In retrospect, what we experienced proved the resistance was planned well in advance, and launched on President Trump’s Inauguration Day, not on the day after.    The entire debate regarding total attendance at President  Trump’s inauguration came up again when Carlson Tucker opined on Trump’s predilection for bragging, and the nagging question of total inauguration attendance numbers at Trump’s  inauguration.  In fact, there was such a negative factor in force that day that attendance numbers are...(Read Full Article)
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